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Robotics and automation are at the core of our DNA. Our challenge is to use our accumulated know-how to work out an ideal solution for our customers.

Who are we?

Axymatic is a leading company with over 30 years of experience in industrial automation and robotics.

We started as an engineering company focusing on programming robots in the automotive sector. Due to the demand for comprehensive robot installations in various sectors, we began to support companies in the development and realisation of industrial robot processes.

Thanks to our experience, we offer the best possible quality and flexible automation solution with a high level of technical know-how and thoughtful service.

Our way of working

Our systematic and efficient working methods allow us to guarantee our customers a worry-free journey, before, during and after start-up.
The Challenge
A good start is half the work. That is why we map out the project together with the customer in the first phase. What needs to be done? What are the associated requirements? Where are the challenges?
Step 1
After an internal brainstorming session based on all the information collected, we make one or more proposals to determine the most efficient solution. We then work out a concrete plan together with our client according to the budget.
Step 2
Each project consists of a detailed project plan. An important part of this is the 3D drawings of the entire installation. We regularly discuss these with our customers so that new ideas can emerge and no problems arise in the final stage.
Step 3
Once the design is complete and approved, our team of experts gets to work on manufacturing the installation. As soon as everything is assembled, programmed and tested, a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is held. During this process, the customer gives the final approval of the installation.
Step 4
After approval of the FAT, the installation team will assemble and configure the project on-site. This is followed by the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) in cooperation with the customer to ensure that everything works as it should in the production environment.
Step 5
Once the project is up and running, we stay in close contact to make the transition to automated production as efficient as possible. Moreover, the project manager remains on stand-by in case you have any questions or problems afterwards.
Step 6
Years of experience
Projects Completed

What We Do

With more than 25 years of experience, we have gained expertise in, among others

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